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Baltimore Orioles are in Talks with Nate McLouth to Bring Him Back

November 12th, 2012 at 12:20 PM
By Josh Michael

The Baltimore Orioles are currently in talks with Nate McLouth to bring him back to Baltimore reports Dan Connolly of the Baltimore Sun, via Twitter.

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The Orioles are optimistic a deal with get done with McLouth, but as we all know nothing is imminent until the contract is signed. Most O's fans have been stating all off-season that they want McLouth back, and I have as well, but I still do not believe he is an everyday left fielder. I would love to see him as the fourth outfielder. A McLouth return could set up a good platoon situation in left field with he and Nolan Reimold splitting time, and perhaps keep Reimold healthy.

McLouth was the one bat that did not get cold in the division series for the Orioles and rest assured that Orioles101 will keep you up to date on any changes in the contract talks.



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2 Responses to “Baltimore Orioles are in Talks with Nate McLouth to Bring Him Back”

  1.  BaltimoreDad says:

    I disagree you win with D and he can play it also would love to see his speed on the bases would be big upside to Os offence could and would be true lead of hitter with 400 + at bats have nolan fourth outfielder and dh remember 101 he can’t stay on the field and brian in my opinion is long shot to come back to half of what he was at lead off but let’s dream and say he does I’d have Nate lead of brian 2″lefty/righty” nick three making contact adam four you can fill in the blanks from there however you want to do it ,it still spell big time run production and protection throughout line up give your readers your thoughts verses my or would you now agree I’m curious

  2.  Josh Michael says:

    I disagree on your proposed batting order, and I can see you point in regards to McLouth’s defense, justifying him as an everyday left fielder, especially if for some odd reason Reynolds doesn’t come back and Davis moves to first, Reimold could then be your DH for 120 games. Now in regards to your line-up, the only way Nick Markakis doesn’t hit lead off for this team is if a healthy Brian Roberts returns, and it still may be a stretch then. Markakis hit .333 in the leadoff spot when there last year and it seemed to relax him, and McLouth to his credit filled in adamantly, but I love the Idea of him in either the two hole or nine hole. I like a lefty at two because he can pull it to the right side if the leadoff man gets on as there is a hole there. Baltimore loves Markakis, but he is not a three hole hitter. I will play your dream game, meaning Roberts is 100% healthy, my line-up vs RHP (assuming Reynolds comes back) Markakis, Roberts, Jones, Davis, Hardy, Wieters, Reynolds, Machado, McLouth……..vs LHP Markakis, Roberts, Jones, Wieters, Davis, Reynolds, Hardy, Machado, McLouth

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