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Day Two of the Winter Meetings a Little Quieter, Baltimore Orioles Still No Moves Made

December 5th, 2012 at 1:42 PM
By Josh Michael

Day two of the 2012 MLB winter meetings saw a little less action than day one, but still provided some marquee free agent signings. The Baltimore Orioles, just like on day one, remained centered around rumors and not actual moves, as Baltimore fans await anxiously for the breaking news flash of an Orioles move.

'Kansas City Royals designated hitter Billy Butler (16)' photo (c) 2011, Keith Allison - license:

We will start with the Orioles and their "rumored" interests and trade markets. Kansas City's Billy Butler is still the biggest name linked to a possible trade for Baltimore, but it is starting to seem as if it is hogwash as even the speculation has cooled off. Baltimore has also been linked to talks with Washington in regards to Mike Morse, which I do not believe would be a good move, but only time will tell if the rumor has any truth behind. In regards to free agents, Baltimore was said to meet with at least three player's agents yesterday including Nick Swisher, Joe Saunders and Nate McClouth. Many in the know baseball reporters seem to believe there is something there between the Orioles and Swisher, but I cannot see Baltimore spending the type of money Swisher is going to demand, especially if they were not willing to give Mark Reynolds $9 million for one year. It has been no secret that Baltimore has wanted to bring back Saunders and McClouth, so hearing that they met with those player's agents is no surprise.

There were a couple big name free agents taken off the market yesterday in Shane Victorino and Dan Haren. Victorino signed with the Boston Red Sox for 3 years and $39 million a day after Boston signed Mike Napoli to the same contract length and amount, wern't we all told that the Red Sox were not going to spend money this offseason? Laughable. Haren signed a one year $13 million deal with the Nationals.

'First Pitch by Zack Greinke' photo (c) 2011, Joshua Mayer - license:

Lastly, the Zack Greinke sweepstakes seems to be down to two teams, the Los Angeles Dodgers and Texas Rangers. It is interesting because if Texas signs Greinke it becomes more apparent that Josh Hamilton will be playing baseball somewhere other than Texas as they likely cannot sign both of them.

Orioles101 will continue to keep you updated on any happenings for the Orioles or big name moves from the winter meetings via our Facebook page and Twitter account. Today, day three, is the final full day of the winter meetings and Orioles fans still fin themselves holding their breathe for something to cheer about.


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