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Orioles101 Sits Down with Recently Signed Baltimore Orioles Outfielder Adam Greenberg

December 28th, 2012 at 2:15 PM
By Josh Michael

The Baltimore Orioles have made a slew of minor league signings this offseason, but perhaps none more exciting than that of Adam Greenberg. Adam was kind enough to take some time for Orioles101 and respond to a few questions for our readers.

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First, if you have not heard of Adam or his story, it is remarkable. Greenberg was drafted in the ninth round of the 2002 MLB Draft by the Chicago Cubs, and worked his way up to the big league club in the 2005 season. On July 9, 2005 he finally got to step into a Major League batter's box as he was pinch hitting in the ninth inning against the then Florida Marlins. On the very first pitch he saw in the big leagues, Greenberg was hit square in the head by Valerio de los Santo's 92 MPH fastball. He suffered a mild concussion as a result, but the effects were long lasting, as he slept upright for a while to cope with the massive headaches and would even get horrible headaches from just bending over to tie his shoes.

From 2006-2011 he would bounce around the minor leagues and Independent leagues, but in 2012, thanks in strong part to a petition started by a Chicago Cubs fan to get Greenberg his first official Major League at bat, the Miami Marlins signed Adam to a one day contract for their October 2, 2012 game. Although Greenberg struck out on three pitches in his lone at bat against NL Cy Young award winner R.A. Dickey, it was a heart felt story and justification for a guy who never gave up after suffering such tragic incident. This offseason the Orioles signed Greenberg to a minor league contract.

Now let's get to the interview between Greenberg and Orioles101:

Orioles101: I know you have been asked about this a million times, but was there ever a time, after being hit by the pitch in 2005, that you thought you were done playing baseball?

You can't let that thought enter your mind. Was it incredibly difficult? Of course. But I wouldn't have been comfortable with myself if I had retired before I was ready.

Orioles101: Who were your biggest supporters when you were fighting your way back after 2005 in the minor and independent leagues?

My family has been incredible all along the way, along with my amazing friends. Can't pick any of them.

Orioles101: How were your nerves on October 2, 2012 when you stepped into the box for your second major league at bat, seven years after your first one?

The nerves were there, but the guys in the clubhouse made me feel right at home. I took a second to get myself together before I stepped in the box, but by the time Dickey threw the first pitch, I felt right at home.

Orioles101: Baltimore fans are the best in baseball, how much are you looking forward to playing for the Orioles organization?

I'm very excited. I've heard great things about the fans, and about Buck, and you just look at what they were able to do last year, and you see what these guys are all about.

Orioles101: Speaking of Orioles fans, what kind of reaction did receive via Twitter or just in general when it was announced that Baltimore had signed you this offseason?

A lot of congratulations-I can't wait for Spring!

Orioles101: What are some of you goals for the 2013 season?

My personal goal is always just to play as hard as I can. I know I'll get a chance to prove myself, and I want to stay focused on being the best I can be when I have the opportunity.

Orioles101: Last one for you, who wins this year's Super Bowl?

I mean, I don't know for sure, but the Ravens did crush the Giants last week! Hopefully that continues :)

Orioles101 would like to thank Adam Greenberg for taking the time for us to respond to a few questions for our readers and want to wish him the best of luck this season and in the future. He was one of the great feel good stories in 2012, but if he makes his way up to Baltimore, he may be the biggest story of 2013.


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