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First Ever Orioles101 Fan Giveaway Begins Now!

February 11th, 2013 at 10:15 AM
By Josh Michael

Alright Baltimore Orioles fans, we have been waiting for Spring Training to begin to unveil our first ever fan give away here at Orioles101 and the time has finally come. This may be our first but will not be our last this season, and the more support we get the more give aways we will be able to do, which is fun for both you and us.

'Baltimore Orioles Bird' photo (c) 2011, Keith Allison - license:

First on the giveaway train is a great one, as one of the top ranked prospects in the Orioles system, Josh Hader, has supplied us with an autographed Aberdeen Ironbirds program with him on the cover. This will look great in any man cave or Orioles fans house, and with his talent, it could be a future major leaguer autograph as well.

So what are the rules?

The rules are simple:

  • Everyone but myself is eligible to win
  • You must do one of the following in order to be entered: Follow us on Twitter, "Like" our Facebook page, or comment on an article on If you do all three you are entered three times, if you do two of the three you will be entered twice.
  • You must be a "follower" of our Twitter account or an active "like" on our Facebook page once the contest ends in order to be eligible, meaning you can't simply "like" then unlike the Facebook page, follow then unfollow the twitter account, or post a comment on the website then delete it.
  • All Twitter followers, Facebook likes, and website commenters will be eligible, this is not just for newcomers.
  • When you comment on an article on the website, it must be a legit comment about the article or Orioles, simply typing "comment" will not suffice.
  • The contest will conclude once our Facebook page hits 200 "likes", our Twitter account has 500 followers and our website has had 25 individual comments made.
  • I will contact the winner, which will be randomly drawn out of a BIG bowl with everyone's entries in it.

We are excited to be able to have this give away, and Orioles101 would like to thank Josh Hader for donating the autographed memorabilia for us. Be sure to follow Josh on Twitter @jhader17. Again, this is just the first give away of the year, but the second one will not begin till this one has concluded.


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